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U. of Regina Graduate Student Research Conference on Sustainability, March 16-17, 2012

The Graduate Students Association of the University of Regina is presenting our 7th Annual Research Conference on March 16 and 17. The theme this year is "From Theory to Practice: Creating Community Sustainability".   It has just come to my attention of your organization and the relevancy of your mandate to our conference theme. Therefore, I write to cordially invite your participation.   There are several ways to be involved:

  • As a sponsor - Attached is the sponsorship opportunities for your consideration.
  • As an audience - Attend the conference and meet our student presenters to get an idea of the work our students are doing; provide comments and feedback. We have arranged for two renown scholars as our keynote speakers: Dr. Eric Grimson, Chancellor MIT, and Dr. Mark Roseland, Director, Centre for Sustainable Community Development ( and Professor of Resource and Environmental Management ( at Simon Fraser University. Admission is free.
  • As a guest - Attend the conference banquet, meet our keynote speakers and visit with students and professors. Tickets are $40 each. Complimentary tickets are included in the sponsorship package, depending on the level of support.

We look forward to hearing from you and your enthusiastic participation in this event.   Sincerely,   Mary Chan Conference Co-Chair, Graduate Student Association University of Regina Tel.: 306-536-0621

Regina Public Library - Earth Day Programming Opportunities: Request for Facilitators

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Members,

Jessica Generoux with the Albert Branch of the Regina Public Library has asked me to contact you to assist in finding speakers/facilitators for their upcoming programming associated with Earth Day. Regina Public Library Branches are currently looking for facilitators to partner with and develop family-friendly sustainability programming for April 2012. They would like to do a series of family-focused programs in April 2012 that highlight sustainable living. Facilitators in Regina would work with library patrons and their children. As part of this opportunity, the library is looking for presenters on permaculture and Indigenous perspectives on environmental issues for Prince of Wales, Glen Elm and Albert Branches of the RPL. Compensation would be arranged with the library.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jessica Generoux at the following phone number/e-mail address:

Jessica Generoux
Library Assistant
Albert Branch
Regina Public Library
1401 Robinson St

Latest RCE Bulletin (Issue 15) and Invitation for Contributions to Upcoming Bulletin

Dear all,

Please find attached and on our website ( the latest issue of the RCE Bulletin. The Bulletin summarizes much of the work that RCEs accomplished in 2011.

We hope, in 2012, to publish the RCE Bulletin more regularly. To that end, we are already soliciting stories and articles for the next edition.

We are of course open to any material you’d like to submit for the next bulletin but we are specifically interested in articles related to Rio +20 and on the following thematic issues:

Sustainable Consumption and Production I

Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

Well-being, Livelihood & Poverty Reduction

Higher Education

Climate Change


Teacher Education and Better Schools

We are also hoping to profile key leaders in each of our RCE communities – this could be anyone from a distinguished educator to a young child who’s active in his or her community.

If you have ideas of people to profile or article submissions, please contact Anna Dirksen at


The RCE Service Centre team

"Morph My City Challenge" and Competition Deadline


Morph My City Challenge (MMCC) is a two-part innovation competition that will encourage and reward radical new approaches to sustainable urban planning. The Challenge consists of two prizes, both calling for innovative solution for sustainable designing problems. The Prizes are internationally advertised and are set up to draw the most innovative solutions from around the world. 

2040 Prize - $50,000 (CAD) contract

The big challenge of today is to transform our existing cities into more sustainable cities. This is exactly what this Prize is aiming for. We will reward the team that comes up with the best plan of how to gradually morph Regina into a green utopia by the year 2040. We are not looking for the most detailed plan but for the best concept for how to redesign this place!

The winner will receive a contract with a total value of $50,000(CAD) (of which the terms are to be negotiated).

Greenfield Design Prize - $10,000(CAD)

It is aiming for radical and creative ideas of how to construct an all new neighbourhood. The competition is based on an empty plot of land that makes it possible to unleash the imagination and pull all the stops. The end product should be an intrinsic city part where the air is clean and the constructs of buildings and systems are sustainable.

The winner will receive a $10,000(CAD) cash prize.


Submissions are accepted between:  9th January- 29th of May, 2012, and further information is available at Finalists will be invited to pitch their plans to big city mayors and city planners at the 2012 National Infrastructure Summit in Regina, Canada.

I would be most grateful if you could pass this information on to any relevant contacts.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Carolina Besmer

Competition Executive


Minutes from 6th Global RCE Conference

Please find attached the minutes from the 6th Global RCE Conference held from Nov. 21-23, 2011, in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. The minutes follow the agenda of the international meeting that includes summaries of the large plenary sessions (including sessions on RCE capacity building), the continental meetings (including the continental meeting of RCEs in the Americas), and the theme based sessions (e.g., climate change, well-being and livelihood). It concludes with expanded minutes for these various sessions.--Roger

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