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RCE East Midlands (UK) Recognized

I wanted to pass along this information I received this morning about the RCE East Midlands in the UK. I am attaching their News Release that describes their RCE from March. They also have a very good newsletter describing their activities that RCE Saskatchewan members might be interested in subscribing to. I will also post the contents of their e-mail that indicates how to go about doing so. --Roger

The Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development in the East Midlands has recently been officially recognised by the United Nations University. This is the first of its kind in the UK and one of 35 worldwide. It presents a valuable opportunity for educators and those concerned with sustainability to pool their experiences and expertise.
The attached press release was distributed at the beginning of March 2007, and you have been added to our mailing list since this initial distribution. The press release provides a more comprehensive explanation of the RCE. You may also be interested in our April newsletter below. If you would like a 4-page fact sheet in addition, please request it in a reply to this message.

You are receiving this information because it is deemed relevant to you. If you feel a colleague should be added to our mailing list, or if you would like to be removed from this list, please send an E-mail to

Malicious Postings on RCE Site

In the early morning hours of Sunday, April 16, a malicious user posted inappropriate material on the RCE Saskatchewan website and sent it to a number of the different working groups as an anonymous user. We have taken a number of steps in response. Firstly, we have removed all of the offending material from the website. In addition we have eliminated the possibility for anonymous users to post material on the site. In the future you will need to be logged in as a user to post material. Finally, additional procedures have been established to prevent malicious users from registering as users on the site. Please ignore and delete any e-mails you may have received from the RCE Saskatchewan website from an anonymous user this Sunday morning. I apologize for this incident. Finally, I am sending this notice to all of the different working groups so you may received this multiple times if you are subscribed to multiple groups.

RCE Skane (Sweden), Sustainable City Development 2007

I will simply paste the following e-mail I received regarding this event being organized by RCE Skane in Sweden in September 2007:

Dear RCE-friend,

With kind permission from Nami Akimoto I would like to use the RCE-mailinglist in order to invite you to Malmo in Skane, southernmost Sweden, and to the Conference "Sustainable City Development 2007" in 12-14 September 2007.

This conference will be a good opportunity to share experiences about building a green future. The programme includes a wide range of different issues related to city development, lectures, 18 different workshops and study tours.

You are especially welcome to workshop 15; Education for sustainable development in Cities.

See for further information and registration.

Kind regards,
Kerstin Sonesson
RCE Skane

Kerstin Sonesson,
Universitetslektor i miljövetenskap

Malmö högskola - Lärarutbildningen
205 06 Malmö

tfn 040-665 86 61
mobil 0733-69 79 20

UNU RCE Update and Map of Global RCEs

I am attaching material Lyle and I received today from the Global RCE Service Center of the UN University. The one document provides a list of upcoming events and initiatives of the Global RCE Service Center including a number of important conferences. The second document provides a map of the 35 RCEs that have been approved. Exciting!

UNU Information About RCE Projects

Hi Everyone,

There has been some helpful discussions taking place as RCEs globally evolve regarding the kinds of projects RCEs are undertaking. I will simply post some interesting points that I received this week that I have found helpful:

1. Do all RCE projects need an educational component? Yes, the projects undertaken should involve education for sustainable development. This means taking a SD project and then identifying the educational component.

2. Do all projects need to address all areas of SD? No, it is not necessary that the project address all three prongs of the SD equation (social, economic and environment). It would be nice if all three or even two were addressed, but some projects may not lend themselves easily to address more than one area. If that is the case, that is fine.

3. Are all projects supposed to have a research component? No, projects don't necessarily need to have a research component. The UN University will be studying how the various RCE teams work and the projects that they are doing. However, if there is some specific research that the teams wish to do that is fine. Research will be very helpful to meeting the goals of the RCE network.

4. What is one of the best ways to begin? Sometimes it is easier and perhaps more efficient to begin with a project that currently exists and then change it to meet the RCE requirements. For example, in Sweden they are considering taking the "eco-school" model and changing it into a "sustainability" model. This means then that the schools will focus on all three prongs of the SD equation and not only the environmental side.

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