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Photo Chosen for RCE Factsheet

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet. Based on votes received on our web site as well as those I received by e-mail, a photo from Buffalo Pound Provincial Park taken by Jason Burns was chosen (photo 4 from the image gallery). I submitted it to the UN University along with a brief photo description. I am attaching a document that includes the photo and description. Thank you to everyone who participated! --Roger

Request for Proposals for Canadian ESD Indicator Report

Hello Everyone,

I have attached three documents outlining a request for proposals for the development of a Canadian report to UNESCO on Canadian indicators for Education for Sustainable Development. These documents outline the opportunities associated with this research contract and timelines should any RCE members wish to pursue this.


Vote for photo for UN University Fact Sheet

I have created an image gallery (see left bar of page) with 5 photos that were generously sent to me by Paul Stinson and Jason Burns to potentially be used as an image for the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet being developed by the UN University. Please look at these and then vote as to which you see is your favourite in the "polls" section (again in the left column). The photo should try to show something distinctive about our region. As I need to submit this relatively soon to the UNU, I have left the poll open for only a 2 day period. I apologize to the RCE Facilitation Group who will have received a number of e-mails inadvertantly as I was posting the photos.

Opportunity: Photo Request for RCE Saskatchewan Factsheet

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Members:

Each RCE that has been recognized by the United Nations University has a fact sheet prepared for it by the UNU. I have been requested by the UNU to provide it with a photo that represents a special feature of our region to be used on the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet. If you have a photo from our region that you would like to be considered for the site, please e-mail it to me ( Also consider, if you would like, posting it on our RCE Saskatchewan web site. Please e-mail me any photos you might like considered by Wednesday, March 21st. Thank you, in advance, for your anticipated response.

Student Employment Experience Program and RTG

Hello members of the RCE TechnologyGroup,

I am currently in the process of putting together another application to hire a student through the Government of Saskatchewan's Student Employment Experience Program (SEE) and Luther (as we did this past year to put together the RCE website). If there are specific types of developments/functionalities related to our site that we could add as well as other technological developments we could be doing as an RCE (possibly with other RCEs?) I can try to incorporate these into my proposal. My application has to be in by the end of Monday, March 5, so please e-mail suggestions to me by then or post them on the site directed at our RTG group. My e-mail is

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