UNU RCE Factsheets

The UN University has posted the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet along with a number of factsheets for other RCEs. Please go to their publications page at:

You can also download the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet directly at:

The RCE factsheets are a good way to familiarize yourself with the locations and ESD work of other regions that are part of the global RCE network.



1) SSHRC - Strategic Knowledge Clusters:

The projects supported by these pilot programs demonstrate the capacity of Canadian researchers and research users to develop and sustain full-scale, ongoing clusters that will contribute to unprecedented sharing of, access to, and application of research knowledge.

Health Quality Council Presentation

Please see attached.

RCE SK Submission to Green Initiatives Fund

I would just like to thank everyone who provided ideas and feedback for the RCE Saskatchewan submission to the Province's Green Initiatives Fund: Sustainable Communities Grants. We were able to complete the application by the June 15th deadline. While we included the letters of support originally provided with our UN University application last August, I would especially like to thank those who submitted further letters on very short notice, specifically John Gillies (the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities in Regina), Glenn Hymers (Steering Committee Chair of the Craik Sustainable Living Project), Bob McCulloch (President and CEO of SIAST), and Sharla Scyrup (a graduate student of the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan).

RCE SK Fact Sheet Available

Please find attached the final version of the RCE Saskatchewan fact sheet prepared by the UN University. A special thanks goes to Sampreethi Aipanjiguly at the UNU for preparing and making repeated edits to the document as well as providing a layout in both letter and A4 paper sizes. I will attach both versions below. Please feel free to make use of this document within the region in promoting the RCE. Great work everyone!

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