Request for Input on RCE Proposal to Green Initiatives Fund

As you are aware, the deadline for applications to the first round of the Government of Saskatchewan's Green Initiatives Fund is this Friday, June 15. We are currently working to put together an application based on ideas received from our recent RCE meetings and other needs identified since our March celebrations. We have identified four areas for funding which Jennifer Fix has kindly compiled for us. If you have any additional ideas regarding these or other possible funding requests that would support the work of your working group or local ESD initiatives, please forward these to Jennifer Fix at by Monday, June 11. The 4 areas for funding are:

RCE Facilitation Group Meeting Minutes: May 22, 2007

Hello Everyone. Please find attached the minutes from our RCE Facilitation Group (RFG) meeting on May 22, 2007. Thank you Curt for putting together the initial draft. We have highlighted the action items that people agreed to at the meeting in bold. Please review these. Some have specific relevance to the work of the Theme Area Working Groups (TAWGs) and the RCE Technology Group (RTG). In addition, I will attach two documents circulated at the meeting: one was a breakdown of the financial contributions that we received for the RCE celebrations on March 1 and 2 of this year. Thank you for these contributions! The second includes possible agenda items that TAWGs might want to include as part of their agendas in the future.

RCE Barcelona Website

Please see the note and link below to the new RCE Barcelona website! --Roger

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that the RCE Barcelona website is now
available at Please visit our site to find out
more about RCE Barcelona and the international network of other RCE.
You can also download the magazine 'Education and Sustainability'. The
magazine is currently only available in Catalan and Spanish.

Finally, thank you for your support for the first edition of the
Education and Sustainability. We would also like to remind you that we
are now preparing the next edition which will have a running them of
Responsible Consumption.

Government of Saskatchewan Green Initiatives Fund

Please go to the following link to find information about the Government of Saskatchewan's Green Initiatives Fund. This includes the "Sustainable Communities Fund" which will provide up to $100,000. Sustainable Communities Grants provide money to support sustainable development projects in the areas of climate change, conserving or protecting water, reducing agricultural impacts, ecosystem conservation,education and eco-tourism. The deadline for the first round of funding is June 15, 2007. There is also a Green Technology Commercialization Grant available. Here is the link:

RCE East Midlands, UK, May E-Newsletter

Hello Everyone. RCE East Midlands in the U.K. has its third newsletter available that some of you might be interested in. I have pasted the information below. --Roger

Welcome to our third E-Newsletter. This is now available on the new RCE East Midlands website –

The May Newsletter of RCE East Midlands can now be downloaded from:

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