Next RCE Facilitation Group Meeting

Hello everyone. I have posted two possible dates for us to consider regarding a next meeting date for the RCE facilitation group including the theme area working group coordinator (one in the afternoon of May 22 and one in the morning of May 23)s. Could you go to the "polls" section and vote on your preferred date within the next few days? I anticipate a meeting would last approximately 2 hours. Lyle Benko will be back from the U.N. in New York and there are a number of items we can get started working on. Thanks for taking the time to vote. --Roger

RCE Participation in DESD and RCE Meetings in New York, May 4-7

This is just a brief note to update everyone regarding RCE Saskatchewan's participation in Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) and RCE events in New York City at the U.N. on May 4-7, 2007. Lyle Benko will be participating in these events on our behalf. We have also received financial support from Environment Canada to participate. Thank you very much Lyle for going to New York for us on such short notice! I am sure Lyle will have many good things to share with us on his return from New York. He will also have specific opportunities to meet with the other RCEs in North America. I would also like to thank Environment Canada for its supportive role of Canadian RCEs to date and, especially in this case, helping defray a significant portion of the costs to enable RCE Saskatchewan to participate in this important event. I imagine Lyle would be quite happy to receive any suggestions or questions any of you might like him to bring forward at these meetings. I will also attach the original documentation sent to us regarding these events that highlight the topics under discussion.

Meeting May 11?

Greetings everyone, I think that the end of April will not be appropriate for a meeting after all. I wonder if we can schedule a meeting for May 11, let's say 2:00 p.m.? Since this thematic has many representatives from FNUC, would it be possible and convenient to schedule the meeting there? Please let me know your schedules and whether or not this will work out. Best Wishes, Tanya

RCE East Midlands (UK) Recognized

I wanted to pass along this information I received this morning about the RCE East Midlands in the UK. I am attaching their News Release that describes their RCE from March. They also have a very good newsletter describing their activities that RCE Saskatchewan members might be interested in subscribing to. I will also post the contents of their e-mail that indicates how to go about doing so. --Roger

The Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development in the East Midlands has recently been officially recognised by the United Nations University. This is the first of its kind in the UK and one of 35 worldwide. It presents a valuable opportunity for educators and those concerned with sustainability to pool their experiences and expertise.
The attached press release was distributed at the beginning of March 2007, and you have been added to our mailing list since this initial distribution. The press release provides a more comprehensive explanation of the RCE. You may also be interested in our April newsletter below. If you would like a 4-page fact sheet in addition, please request it in a reply to this message.

You are receiving this information because it is deemed relevant to you. If you feel a colleague should be added to our mailing list, or if you would like to be removed from this list, please send an E-mail to

Malicious Postings on RCE Site

In the early morning hours of Sunday, April 16, a malicious user posted inappropriate material on the RCE Saskatchewan website and sent it to a number of the different working groups as an anonymous user. We have taken a number of steps in response. Firstly, we have removed all of the offending material from the website. In addition we have eliminated the possibility for anonymous users to post material on the site. In the future you will need to be logged in as a user to post material. Finally, additional procedures have been established to prevent malicious users from registering as users on the site. Please ignore and delete any e-mails you may have received from the RCE Saskatchewan website from an anonymous user this Sunday morning. I apologize for this incident. Finally, I am sending this notice to all of the different working groups so you may received this multiple times if you are subscribed to multiple groups.

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