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Hi Everyone,

There has been some helpful discussions taking place as RCEs globally evolve regarding the kinds of projects RCEs are undertaking. I will simply post some interesting points that I received this week that I have found helpful:

1. Do all RCE projects need an educational component? Yes, the projects undertaken should involve education for sustainable development. This means taking a SD project and then identifying the educational component.

2. Do all projects need to address all areas of SD? No, it is not necessary that the project address all three prongs of the SD equation (social, economic and environment). It would be nice if all three or even two were addressed, but some projects may not lend themselves easily to address more than one area. If that is the case, that is fine.

3. Are all projects supposed to have a research component? No, projects don't necessarily need to have a research component. The UN University will be studying how the various RCE teams work and the projects that they are doing. However, if there is some specific research that the teams wish to do that is fine. Research will be very helpful to meeting the goals of the RCE network.

4. What is one of the best ways to begin? Sometimes it is easier and perhaps more efficient to begin with a project that currently exists and then change it to meet the RCE requirements. For example, in Sweden they are considering taking the "eco-school" model and changing it into a "sustainability" model. This means then that the schools will focus on all three prongs of the SD equation and not only the environmental side.

Photo Chosen for RCE Factsheet

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet. Based on votes received on our web site as well as those I received by e-mail, a photo from Buffalo Pound Provincial Park taken by Jason Burns was chosen (photo 4 from the image gallery). I submitted it to the UN University along with a brief photo description. I am attaching a document that includes the photo and description. Thank you to everyone who participated! --Roger

Re: can anyone from the RCE Farming, Local Food, etc. TAWG attend meeting on April 4 at 9:30?

The meeting to which Daryl referred is a City-hosted consultation with food security stakeholders for the Core Neighbourhood Sustainability Action Plan. While several individuals who deal with food emergency services will be attending, I would like to include discussion on food security from an environmental and/or energy standpoint as well. If you belong to any of the RCE food groups, and are interested in attending in this capacity, please contact me at

The meeting is April 4th at 9:30. I'll pass along further details for those who express interest.

Request for Proposals for Canadian ESD Indicator Report

Hello Everyone,

I have attached three documents outlining a request for proposals for the development of a Canadian report to UNESCO on Canadian indicators for Education for Sustainable Development. These documents outline the opportunities associated with this research contract and timelines should any RCE members wish to pursue this.


Vote for photo for UN University Fact Sheet

I have created an image gallery (see left bar of page) with 5 photos that were generously sent to me by Paul Stinson and Jason Burns to potentially be used as an image for the RCE Saskatchewan factsheet being developed by the UN University. Please look at these and then vote as to which you see is your favourite in the "polls" section (again in the left column). The photo should try to show something distinctive about our region. As I need to submit this relatively soon to the UNU, I have left the poll open for only a 2 day period. I apologize to the RCE Facilitation Group who will have received a number of e-mails inadvertantly as I was posting the photos.

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