Health Thematic Meeting

Greetings Everyone,

The RCE event was a huge success. The real surprise for me was the heart and soul that went into all of the speeches. I think that everyone is quite sincere about working towards a sustainable future. 

I would like to organize a meeting of our health thematic, aiming for mid-late April. We have already grown from seven to twenty members over the last few weeks! I envision a gathering as an opportunity to meet one another, share our interest and/or current involvement in health education SD projects, establish common interests/goals, working groups and future directions.

Regina RCE celebration March 1

The Regina RCE celebration event at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum auditorium, on March 1, started with City Counsellor Fred Clipsham (above) introducing the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan (Honourable Dr. Gordon Barnhart) (below).  He spoke about the importance for education for sustainability, the need to be aware of the impacts of climate change and especially the need for leadership in education for sustainable development.  Very pertinent comments.

Student Employment Experience Program and RTG

Hello members of the RCE TechnologyGroup,

I am currently in the process of putting together another application to hire a student through the Government of Saskatchewan's Student Employment Experience Program (SEE) and Luther (as we did this past year to put together the RCE website). If there are specific types of developments/functionalities related to our site that we could add as well as other technological developments we could be doing as an RCE (possibly with other RCEs?) I can try to incorporate these into my proposal. My application has to be in by the end of Monday, March 5, so please e-mail suggestions to me by then or post them on the site directed at our RTG group. My e-mail is

RCE Celebration Information

Hi Everyone,

This is just a posting of information I sent by e-mail to RCE Saskatchewan participants earlier today about our celebrations on March 1 and 2 that I thought should be put on our website as well.

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Participants:

We have exciting news! As part of our celebrations in Regina on March 1 for our Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Saskatchewan) we have confirmed Dr. Gordon L. Barnhart,the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. We have also confirmed Premier Lorne Calvert for our celebratory events in Craik on March 1 and in Saskatoon on March 2. David Walden (the Secretary-General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO), Professor Charles Hopkins (the United Nations University Chair for Education for Sustainable Development at York University), and Susan Kingsbury of Environment Canada will be attending all three events in addition to other special guests.

This e-mail is to:
(1) update you regarding the formal celebratory events for RCE Saskatchewan on Thursday, March 1st, and Friday, March 2nd, as well as an informal dinner in Regina on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 28;
(2) update you regarding the RCE Saskatchewan website;
(3) outline further ways you can participate in the celebration events by helping document the celebrations; and
(4) provide an update of the change in the naming of the RCE (from "SK RCE" to "RCE Saskatchewan").

(1) RCE Celebration Update

The event at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum on Thursday, March 1 in Regina is open to the general public and we are hoping for a large turnout from those who have participated in the RCE in the past. This event will accommodate approximately 250 people. All those attending this Regina event need to be seated in the auditorium of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum by 9:45 a.m. on Thursday, March 1st, given formal protocols that have to be followed with the Lieutenant Governor's visit. The events in Craik are taking place at the Craik Eco-centre starting at 3:00 on March 1 while those in Saskatoon are taking place at the Meewasin Valley Authority starting at 9:00 a.m. Both of these can accommodate a much smaller number of people (65 people in Craik and 30 people in Saskatoon). As space is limited, if you would like to attend either of these two venues, please contact Yvette Anderson at the following e-mail address who can subsequently confirm
space availability with you.

In addition to these events, a further opportunity has been made available for RCE Saskatchewan participants to gather for dinner in Regina on the evening of Wednesday, February 28th, at 6:30 p.m. at Greko's Restaurant located at 4424 Albert Street South in Regina. We plan to have our invited guests from out of province at this event and have arranged for a private room. Individuals will be responsible for their own meal expenses. The menu includes vegetarian dishes and special dishes are also possible if ordered in advance. Again, we would love to have a good turnout for this event and spouses/partners are welcome. If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to Yvette Anderson (e-mail address given above) so that we have an idea of what numbers to expect.

(2) RCE Saskatchewan Website

The RCE Saskatchewan website is now up and running. Go to:

Please feel free to register formally on the site and explore its many features! Further features are available to registered users. We will be providing you further information about the site in the upcoming months.

(3) RCE Celebration Opportunity to Help Document Event

As part of documenting our RCE celebrations for our region (and other RCEs around the world!) we would like to invite those of you attending the celebrations to engage in one of two opportunities:

1. We would like individuals to volunteer to help record the celebratory events as part of the blog portions of the RCE website (as a registered user of the site you have your own dedicated blog space in which you can
write-up the events!) This also allows approximately real-time coverage of our RCE events for those not able to attend.
2. We would also like to invite those of you who have digital cameras to take photos at the events. These can then be posted on the RCE website in the "image galleries" portion of the site.
If you would like to participate in either of these two ways and in order to coordinate activity, please contact Curt Schroeder, our coordinator of the RCE Technology Group at the following e-mail address:


(4) RCE Saskatchewan Change in Name

Finally, you will have noticed that I have been using the term "RCE Saskatchewan" instead of "SK RCE". This change in name has been made to conform with the standard pattern of naming of other RCEs globally (for example, "RCE Barcelona", "RCE Jordan", etc.) that has been adopted by
the UN University.

Thank you everyone for all of your work in bringing about RCE Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Everyone!


Roger Petry

exciting developments in SE

I was unable to connect by telephone to the meeting today (Feb. 5th), so I went on this website instead. It is emerging as an excellent set of tools for the work ahead of us in terms of sustainability education, engagement, and actions! As well as learning from the many organizations already working on and promoting sustainable practices, I  am keen to learn from folks who will be contributors to this site, with a particular interest in the ways socio-cultural, economic and environmental factors interconnect and how these interconnections can inform citizen education and help to determine

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