"Responsible Resource Development" vs. "Sustainable Development" Article

Submitted by RogerPetry on Thu, 2012-04-12 14:02

Please see the link to the following article that was forwarded to me suggesting the federal government is moving away from the concept of "sustainable development" to a much more ambiguous term "responsible resource development". The article really shows the need for education of Canadian policy makers and citizens on the concept of sustainable development, a term that has been embraced by the global community for more than two decades and is now a basis for much scholarly work while being operationalized in business, government, and at the community level (not to mention framing most international agreements of the U.N.). It also shows the need to constantly emphasize an "outcomes focus" for development, namely simultaneously advancing the goals of human well-being and ecosystem health while minimizing/eliminating environmental degradation and poverty/vulnerability (goals central to the concept of sustainable development). Here is the link to the article:


It is surprising (and disheartening) that the federal government would make these changes in the year of the Rio +20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development given the signals it sends to the international community. Again, this is perhaps simply a matter of lack of awareness on the part of our federal government. Unfortunately our country pays a political price on the global stage for this lack of awareness and being out of step with our neighbours. Here is the link to the Rio +20 website:


We all need to work hard, especially here in Saskatchewan given the development underway, to ensure that sustainable development remains top of mind and is operationalized at all levels of government and organizations within our community. Hopefully Saskatchewan can aim to be a true leader in this regard and help inform our federal counterparts where they lack the appropriate knowledge and/or resolve.--Roger