Still Looking to Finalize Meeting Date for 1st Climate Change Working Group Meeting

Submitted by ksare on Fri, 2007-07-27 14:41

Just following up on an email that I had sent out last week or so to book a time to have our first Climate Change Working Group meeting. I had set up a poll on the Sask RCE website (, but only a few responses have been received to indicating a preference for July 30th (which of course is not going to work out) and three for Thursday, August 16th.

So, regardless of whether you already submitted your preferable meeting time or not, please send me an email ( indicating:

1. From the following options, when you might be available to attend an hour and a half meeting:
a) The afternoon of Tuesday, August 14th.
b) The morning of Thursday, August 16th.
c) The afternoon of Wednesday, August 22nd.
d) Sometime in September.

2. Where you are located (Regina, Saskatoon, etc.)

3. Whether you'd be able to meet somewhere between Regina and Saskatoon for the meeting.

If you could please get back to me by Tuesday, August 7th, that'd be great.

Thanks, everyone for your assistance...and have a great weekend!