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Submitted by WendyWinter on Tue, 2007-02-20 17:06



My name is Wendy Winter and I attended the last meeting of the organizing committee for the RCE Celebration on March 1st and 2nd.  At that meeting I agreed to  contact the members of this group forum to initiate interaction and planning.  I also volunteered to participate at the March 1st Celebration in Regina. 

I would like to try to accomplish three things with this posting, and I must admit that this is the first time I have communicated through a website in this manner, so I hope I'm doing this correctly.


So Firstly, I would like to recommend that we introduce ourselves, and offer a little information about our interest in Bridging Cultures for Sustainable Development.  Also of particular interest would be our geographical locations so we can see if we can get members together for meetings. 


Secondly, at the organizing meeting I attended there seemed to be a focus on speeches at the upcoming Celebrations.  As a programmer who works with students I volunteered to bring two diverse groups of students to the Celebration in Regina. The students will work on an art project demonstrating some aspect of Sustainable Development.  I envision this as a small demonstration representing our group forum (rather presumptuous I suppose, but time was short so I dove right in).   This all happened very quickly, and I had booked last week off, so I am just now able to bring this to our forum.   I welcome your comments regarding this small activity and would happily discuss this further with anyone who is interested.


Thirdly, I believe the organizing committee would welcome other suggestions for the Celebrations in Regina, Craik and Saskatoon.  Perhaps there are other ongoing activities that  might  be included in some aspect of the Celebrations.  


Wendy Winter - Gallery Educator: School and Youth Programs

MacKenzie Art Gallery ,Regina

 I have been involved in educational programming for schools, with a focussed program for inner-city and Aboriginal School, for several years.  I have Bridging Communities as a main objective of my programming area.   To this end I have initiated long-distance art programs between communities, and also programs linking urban schools to reserve schools.  The groups I have invited to the Opening Celebration are from Sacred Heart Community School in North Central Regina and Monseigneur de Laval which is a Francophone School.  I feel that art can be an important tool in education for sustainability.