anti-idling (and generally green) curriculum options for younger kids (K through Grade 4)?

Submitted by DarylHepting on Mon, 2007-02-26 21:31

I've helped to arrange an anti-idling presentation where my son goes to preschool.  The material appears tobe directed to Grades 5-8.  That presentation will go ahead next week, but the principal is interested in findingmaterial for her younger students as well.  She writes:

> I am interested in working with all the students in becoming more

> "green" - if you have any information regarding activities we could do

> as a school to promote better awareness and care for our environment I

> would be very interested in reviewing them.

> If you know of a presentation that would be more suitable for the

> younger children I would go ahead and book that for both our programs.

> I look forward to hearing from you.

It seems incredibly appropriate that this site provide this material as a resource.

Any ideas?  I'll start googl'ing now...

Best regards,