your chance to support a community supported farm (or CSA) - please act and spread the word

Submitted by DarylHepting on Sat, 2007-04-21 09:14

Keith Neu, from Hudson Bay, is working to operate a Community Supported Farm, but he still needssupport from the community: people need to buy shares.  If you are interested in healthy organic,locally-produced food and you are concerned about food security and sovereignty, please readthe following carefully and act if you are able.  Please also share this with other who you thinkmight be interested. THE TIME IS NOW. We really want this to work, but we need to have enough people to pay salaries and gas and seeds and chicks and ... (well, you get it). so please, ante up, drag in a few friends, neighbours, relatives, and please send in your cheques. If the product list is confusing, don't worry about, just check off the things you like to eat and send it in (if 3 people check off turnips and 40 people check off carrots, Keith will plant more carrots than turnips, so he does need to know this, but it isn't written in stone. As long as enough is planted, we will fine tune by email at each delivery). If you have any questions, please email me (I'll be away next week, but I'll still get to my emails every couple of days) or Keith But please, send those cheques in. We need 50; we have 16. Don't let your procrastination mess with this project! Just do it! Now!