Site Open For Testing!

Hello all! -- Well, I've got the site up and running ( - we are still working on getting a domain name) and have added some basic functionality:

  • Blogs
  • Drupal books (wikis)
    • please tell me what you think of this. A drupal book is very much like a wiki but let me know...
  • Working groups (8)
    • I need to work on a proper introduction for each of these
  • Forums for each working group
  • Polls
  • Search
    • Advanced search still needs work

Other functionality:

  • print friendly view of all posts
  • print to pdf
  • events + event minutes and calendar
  • file-share capabilities: see "RCE Documentation"
  • mass emailer for group subscriptions

Things I'll be working on...

  • fixing up the site design
    • this will take some work. Right now I'm using a default drupal theme. As well, I would like to get some discussion going about the navigation menu it good...what could make it better, etc...I'll start a forum topic in the RTG group forum...
  • help menu
    • This needs a lot of work
  • bio page
    • I was able to incorporate a bio page but there appears to be a problem with the new version of drupal...will need some debugging
  • review of other wiki tools
    • I was able to get a wiki tool downloaded but was not successful in getting it up and running. I'm going to see how everyone likes the drupal book feature.
  • I'm sure there is something else I'm forgetting to mention....?? ;-)

So, I'm going to open the site tonight (Wed, Aug. 30). I would like each of you to become authenticated users and register for all groups but make sure to include yourself in the RTG!

Take care, Tim (Site admin)

Great WORK!

I would like our group to know that I presented our work and process to representtives from the U.N., Environoment Canda, Cities of Toronto and MOntreal, the Biosphere and other officials on September 13 and 14th at the Biosphere in Montreal.

Chuck Hopkins (from the U.N.) recognized our Saskatchewan RCE as the only RCE in the world that is using a WIKI as part of the process for an RCE at this time!

I will do more sharing when I return from Montreal!

Lyle A. M. Benko (President)
L*A*M*B* Environmental & Educational Consulting