Connect with local sustainability leaders

  1. Attend a monthly virtual meeting (every third Thursday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm) to connect with others, ask questions and learn how the RCE network can help you, and how you can contribute.
  2. Invite RCE Saskatchewan network to bring advice or expertise to your organization or community.  
  3. Attend our annual Recognition Event and sustainability workshop.
  4. Apply to receive recognition from RCE Saskatchewan for your sustainable development initiative at our annual Recognition Event.
  5. Sponsor our annual Recognition Event to help us support and recognize Saskatchewan’s leaders in education for sustainable development.
  6. Volunteer to help with RCE research, communications, events, projects, and welcoming visitors from other RCEs.  We welcome ideas and support from students, faculty, teachers and organization and community leaders.  Please contact us!
  7. Sign up to receive RCE Saskatchewan email updates. 
  8. Subscribe to our twitter feed.  
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  10. Become a formal partner of RCE Saskatchewan.
  11. Connect with RCEs of the Americas to learn from others working on similar issues.
  12. Email RCE Sask co-coordinators Roger Petry (PH: 306.585.5295 or or Margret Asmuss (306.654.2075 or to tell them what you are working on and what help you might need.

Become an RCE Saskatchewan Partner Organization

Is your organization wanting…

  • to become a leader in sustainable development?  
  • to connect with Saskatchewan researchers and community leaders on sustainable development initiatives?  
  • to learn how to set up a living laboratory for sustainability that will help you build capacity and see long term results?
  • to be part of an international network of sustainability projects and experts recognized by the United Nations?

RCE Saskatchewan Partners are part of RCE Saskatchewan’s governance structure, and participate in three regional meetings (90 min each) per year on information sharing and planning. (Remote conferencing options are available.)  You can also receive support from other RCE partners in research, planning, and idea sharing.

If your organization is interested in becoming a partner, feel free to contact one of our representatives to find out more.  To formally apply for partnership, send RCE Saskatchewan a letter requesting partnership status and explaining your sustainable development goals, your education and capacity building activities to date, and the types of connections and supports you are looking for.   We look forward to hearing from you!

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