Recognition Event

2023 Awards

2023 Award Recipients

Annual Education for Sustainable Development Awards

The values and approaches embedded in sustainable development are more important than
ever, especially as we look to “build back better” after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

About the Event

Throughout Saskatchewan, individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses are stepping up to the challenge of sustainable development. Through educational projects and initiatives, they are moving beyond “talking” about sustainability to “doing” sustainability.  They are building capacity and leadership for sustainability in Saskatchewan and progress toward the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals  (2015 – 2030).  

Since 2008, RCE Saskatchewan has supported this work through its annual Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Recognition Awards.  Each year, the awards event is co-hosted by a different community or organization which allows us to shine a spotlight on local projects throughout different regions of the province. 

2017 ESD Recognition Award Recipients at Macdonald School in Stockholm, Saskatchewan

The event treats representatives from each recognized project to appreciation, knowledge sharing and inspiration. Each recipient presents their work, receives a framed certificate and photos or videos of their presentation and participates in an educational or networking session hosted by the community partner.  The intention of the event to not only recognize their work, but to help strengthen local leadership and capacity.

At the 2017 ESD Recognition Awards in Hafford, Saskatchewan, the awards ceremony was followed by a field trip to the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.